Along the journey

During my trip and certainly before and after I am going to tell about what I find along the journey. Topics may be material, travel planning, thoughts and emotions, and anything else which comes along and I find interesting enough. I am looking forward to any reaction, any thought, and any comment by you, dear reader.

A terrible night introduced this quite wholesome day. Once again a metaphor for life.

On the following day of rest I wanted to play on the local golf course, Glencruitten. Even though it was certainly not one of the most important courses in Scotland, I remembered it from some description. And indeed there was a good reason for it.

I was full of energy and even my shoes were dry again, thanks to Lesley’s help. In the beginning heaven was grey, but after the short ride from my home for the last couple of days to the little harbour town of Campeltown the sun came out to warm my soul. That would be well needed.

After the hurting ride of the last day today I planned a shorter trip of about 70 kilometres. I thought I would have much less metres in altitude as well but I was wrong. At least, they were balanced over the distance in a more consistent manner.

Sitting in the clubhouse now, I am not completely sure why I wanted to go to this special course so eagerly. The name occurs more or less always when it is about great Scottish links which never were on the Open Rota. Dornoch, Cruden Bay, Nairn, North Berwick West will be named. And then the course with the name I can write without accidents only for a few days now, but which I assume I still cannot pronounce properly.