Along the journey

During my trip and certainly before and after I am going to tell about what I find along the journey. Topics may be material, travel planning, thoughts and emotions, and anything else which comes along and I find interesting enough. I am looking forward to any reaction, any thought, and any comment by you, dear reader.

It didn’t come to much surprise: After being completly free of any rain yesterday nearly no sleep was possible during the night. A serious thunderstorm passed by the camping site.

The first few days are over. As planned - as far as you can say that without having a plan - I am in Kirkcudbright right now. Actually, I am slightly ahead of my schedule (which doesn’t exist). At least a few kilometres.

As more or less all projects cycgo is only the successor of another. You get your ideas from anywhere anyhow and on a good day you may be able to add something new.

The NC500 is a try to bring the north coast of Scotland to the touristic market. If everything works out fine I will be there in 2 to 3 weeks by myself to enjoy the unbelievable landscape.

Here is a video about a cyclist with a little bit of ambition beyond just enjoying the views. He is going for the whole NC500. At once. Without leaving the bike. 580 miles.

Perfect weather for that special day, fantastic gray sky and a lot of rain. What else could you wish for when testing your ideas for a trip to Scotland? 


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