Along the journey

During my trip and certainly before and after I am going to tell about what I find along the journey. Topics may be material, travel planning, thoughts and emotions, and anything else which comes along and I find interesting enough. I am looking forward to any reaction, any thought, and any comment by you, dear reader.

On Wednesday I was quite relaxed. I just rolled for a mere 40 kilometres up the the coast. I passed the classics Prestwick and Royal Troon. They actually looked really classy, out of question.

As mentioned before, my cycling trips are not very long in the next two or three days. The ferry to Kintyre only goes three times a week, from Friday to Sunday. So, I am just loosing some time around Ayr.

After the heavy stage yesterday my body called for a day of rest. The night was quite free of events. Then again, I discovered that the Buff is really a must-have accessory for outdoor activists.

In case you state something in the title of an article you can’r really ignore it, right? Well, but I tried as hard as I could on this leg of my tour.

To cycle means to take full responsibility (all the best to S and F!). So, today I did not start without having a proper breakfast. It is astonishing how many nice little cafés there are in that area which seems to be a quite rough region. You would expect more shebeen full of smoke and dust. But no: Nice and friendly service and a nice and friendly atmosphere