On the following day of rest I wanted to play on the local golf course, Glencruitten. Even though it was certainly not one of the most important courses in Scotland, I remembered it from some description. And indeed there was a good reason for it.

Elsewhere, I would probably come to the conclusion that the terrain on which this course was laid out was not a terrain for golf courses. The one or other course in the Sauerland (Olpe-Sieg I exclude here explicitly ;-)) or the Eifel (Bad M√ľnstereifel I include here explicitly :-)) fall into this category. But in this case the experience was an extraordinary one.

The course has 10 times a par 3 on the scorecard and altogether a course that makes me think whether the Wild Mouse price (since the title of the wonderful movie by Joseph Harder is translated as Wild Mouse and refers to the small rollercoaster as well, I try this here, too) for the penultimate bike stage should not have gone better to this golf course. Basically, I was lost for the complete round of the game when it came to the choice of clubs. The differences in altitude made it almost impossible for the player who plays this course for the first time to make an at least solid estimate.

So, here a ball hit with the 5-wood flew into the undergrowth without detours, there an iron 7 remained so short that I was glad to see that the ball did not run the complete way back, down the hill, to my feet. Surely this was not a place you would like to play every day.
But if I were in the area again, I would definitely stop here. It was an extraordinary pleasure and I would also like to stay under 70 once, which is much more likely on a par 62 than on a conventional 71 or 72 course ;-)

The cycgo rating for this golfing day is 82 of 100 Fips Asmussen. I hope that nobody who reads this english version knows who Fips Asmussen is, so I need to explain: He is some kind of comedian who makes a living out of telling one joke after the other. He is perhaps comparable to the comedian character in Annie Hall who Woody Allen as Alvy Singer is going to write for: "Hey, I just got back from Canada, you know, they speak a lotta French up there. The only way to remember Jeanne d'Arc means the light's out in the bathroom!"

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