An integral part of the idea behind this journey is not to plan every detail in advance. But a rough idea might not hurt. Here comes a sketch of the first six or seven days:


The route:

I will take the ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle upon Tyne. I already did so in the past and that set up an exquisite trip along the east coast of Scotland (HERE you can find a report, German only). From there I will take a train to Carlisle. After careful consideration (or in other words: spontanous and abritarily) I am going to skip the trip from the east to the west coast by bike. I am going to limit the ride to the coastal borders. From Carlisle it is only about 11 miles to Gretna Green, where the actual journey starts: Round Scotland on a bike with golf clubs. As I learned only recently, Gretna Green is a very famous place to marry - thanks, Ma!

The first full leg is going to take me to about Kirkcudbright (GM Link). This would be about 55 miles. Perhaps even a tad to much for the very first day, we will see. On the next day I will try to reach Stranraer (GM Link). This were a good target, since Stranraer is a small town with a population of about 10,000. From there it will take me to one of the main areas of scottish Golf: Ayrshire. Courses like Royal Troon, Turnberry (which has been occupied by the Trump empire lately, it's a shame to be not an option at all) and Prestwick, of course. The Open tradition has been its birthplace there and beside Fife and the Lothians this should be the most important area to the game of Golf. Ayr may be the perfect target for this stage and a short break of one or two days might be an option here (GM Link).

The next target is one I am really looking forward to, since it has been far out of my ways through Scotland, yet: Machrihanish. This course on the shore of the peninsula Kintyre in the region of Argyll, has been frequently been described and praised (GM Link). Maybe, I will stay there for a couple of days as well, let's see.


Along the road:

First and foremost: cycGOLF

Potential candidates: