About me

A short version of my golfer's tale can be told in no time: I picked up the game with the age of 32. Ever since -today I am 42- it is a very important part of my life. From the very beginning, I saw golf not only as a game and a hobby but as a metaphor for life in general and a great opportunity to learn a lot about myself and others. Cycling on the other hand is in my life again for a few years now. On a racing bike, as well as on a trekking bik -as used during the cycgo experience- I ride many hundred kilometres per year. But a journey like that, I have never done before. 

Both basic elements of the project I fancy because of permanent challenge due to the quite surroundings, the environment, and the many chances, to change the plan according to that what is directly in front of you.

For many years I was a consultant and project manager, in a technological environment mostly. To be in that domain as someone who owns a degree in german literature may have influenced my general view on possibilities: If your goal is clear you will always find a way. And that way can be hard sometimes, but is also paved with happiness and pure joy of achievement. Some years ago now, I also earned a Master's degree in Coaching and Counselling and my working focus changed more and more to helping others with reaching their own goals.

Contact Information

Telephone: +4915112747578
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Internet address: www.cycgo.net